Brazilian Gamer sells collection of rare items of Dota 2 for almost R$ 1.5 million in Bitcoin

Gamer Arthur „PAADA“ Zarzur has sold a collection of rare items from Dota 2 for 15 Bitcoins.

Brazilian Gamer sells Dota 2 collection of rare items for almost R$ 1.5 million in BitcoinNOTÍCIAS

Brazilian gamer Arthur „PAADA“ Zarzur sold a collection of rare items from the game Dota 2 for over R$1 million, according to The Clutch.

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Zarzur is the founder and CEO of paiN Gaming, an organization founded in 2011 and famous as one of the most traditional League of Legends (LoL) in Brazil.

The game Dota 2, launched in 2013, is available on the Steam platform and is a battle multiplayer, in the line of LoL, developed by the producer Valve Corporation as a sequel to the game Defense of the Ancients, from 2003.

According to the official Brazilian Dota 2 page, the game is the most played on the Steam platform, which offers a wide variety of online titles. In July, Steam launched a blockchain feature to facilitate the issuance of non-functional tokens (NFTs) for trading.

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The deliverers – or Courriers – are items that can be bought at the beginning of the matches and used by all players, delivering the items bought at the source to the other players, which can give some advantage to the teams.

According to the text, Arthur Zarzur sold a collection of Courrier Legacy Pink for no less than 15 BTC to a Russian Steam user called The Emperor. According to Bitcoin’s quotation in Brazil on Monday, the transaction cost BRL 1,469,743.31.

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It was not the first sale of rare items by the Brazilian gamer , who still in 2013 sold Dota 2 deliverers for US$ 38,000 (or R$ 88,000 at the time). The Brazilian was a Dota 2 player between 2013 and 2015 by paiN Gaming and recently won a runner-up spot in the game for the CBDota 2 team.